1031 Exchange Agreement Form

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At 1031 Exchange Place, many real estate investors turn to our office minutes before the closing of their transaction and successfully turn a sale into a 1031 stock exchange. In most cases, a successful exchange can be made as long as 1031 Exchange Place is contacted before closing. PROPERTY REPLACEMENT IDENTIFICATION: Exchanger has 45 days from the sale to identify the replacement property, and 180 days between the sale and the conclusion of the identified property. The identification of the replacement real estate documentation must be completed by Exchanger and forwarded to Legal 1031 until the 45th day following the sale of the first abandoned property. Document B: Deferred Like-Kind Property Exchange Agreement (11 Pages) Deferred Like Kind Property Exchange Agreement (a deferred exchange with a qualified intermediary) Although many exchangers generally incorporate language into their purchase and sale contract to justify their intention to trade, this is not required by the internal income code. Many exchangers and real estate agents add an alternative language to the contract for several reasons: Alabama Seller`s Certificate of Form NR-AF3 (1031 exchange exemption) REPLACEMENT PROPERTY CLOSES: Inform Legal 1031 when a closing date has been established. Fill out a «Request for Funds» form with the date the transfer or exam is to be completed. SALE SEK: Enter a «refundable» contract for the sale of abandoned properties with 1031 language of cooperation EXCHANGE DOCUMENTS PREPARED FOR REPLACEMENT PROPERTY: Send a copy of the sales contract to Legal 1031. Documents must be prepared for all replacement properties.

1031 Exchange Funds Investment Policy and Disclosure Statement There are many factors that are taken into account and that should be compared between 1031 Exchange Qualified Intermediaries (Accommodators), including fees, costs and fees. Installation and management costs are often misleadingly low. The amount of interest that the qualified intermediary withholds from your 1031 foreign exchange fund may be inadequate. Return or operating costs can add up quickly.

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