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Agoda Company Pte. Ltd. («Agoda» or «we») welcomes you (the «customer» or «you») on its website (the «website»). References to the website are considered derivatives of the website, including, but not necessarily limited to mobile sites and applications. The terms of use – as defined below – apply to our services that are made available to you directly or indirectly, including online bookings, after-sales service requests or any other means. By accessing, surfing and using the website and/or making a reservation via Agoda, you recognize and accept that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of use. Our various guidelines and guidelines, which can be found throughout the site, including, but not only the privacy policy, privacy policy, privacy policy, store security policy, minimum price, booking guarantee, security policy, reference policy, terms and conditions of the agoda rewards program, review guidelines, etc. (together «guidelines»), must be read in conjunction with these conditions and are an integral part of these conditions and are included. The terms and conditions below and the guidelines are referred to together as «Terms of Use.» If you do not accept the terms of use, please stop using the site immediately. The terms of use – as they can be changed from time to time – represent the whole agreement and complement all other agreements or agreements (written or written) between you and us with regard to their purpose, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Agoda has a huge database of property owners that includes more than 925,000 hotels and individuals. Partners can attract customers with a wide choice and good prices. Many evaluations of the affiliate program say that full support is provided to Agoda partners, which is reflected in the possibilities of customization. The site is available in 38 languages. There is no registration fee or membership fee to list your property on Agoda. To register: Enter the name of your property in English. Detailed article link The message must be signed by the complainant and sent with one of the following methods: e-mail to or by recommended letter to the address mentioned in Section 11, c/o Legal Department – Copyright Claims. We advise you to register as Agoda Homes if you only want to rent one room. You can check out this link here for more information about Agoda Homes.

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