Agreement Between Borrower And Guarantor

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11.02 The text of this guarantee is authentic in English, French and German. This guarantee must be signed in each of the three authentic languages of origin. Fees are calculated at a rate of 2% per annum, but can be revised and can be disclosed by the bank over time, in accordance with the relevant principles of the bank`s management, and must be calculated daily on each guaranteed amount remaining minus the amount recovered. It must be paid for the period from the start of the remaining funds until the Bank recovers the last remaining amount. 4.04 The bank informs the guarantors of all the facts or circumstances that it believes are unknown and which, in its view, may give rise to a request to carry out the obligations arising from that guarantee. The bank is not required to search for such information. (d) the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal is considered «final» when the time to appeal or challenge the decision has expired without a admissible appeal or challenge; 10.01 Communications to guarantors or the bank or any other information must be sent by recommended letter or any other recognized means of communication to the recipient at the following address: The charge must be calculated on the basis of 30 days per month and 360 days per year. «application date»: the date on which a guarantee is requested by the guarantors under the guarantee. . . . 2.01 This agreement sets out the rules and procedures for recovering invested funds.

2 billion euros under the Cotonou II partnership agreement; And 5.01 By paying the Bank`s services to the guarantors under this agreement, and in particular for the transient foreign exchange risks, each guarantor must pay the Bank separately its respective share in the repayment of losses. (ii) to prevent the guarantor of a third party or the bank from recovering the guaranteed amount paid within 90 days or to prevent the receipt of the guaranteed amount in the currency and the terms specified in the contract. b) words expressed in singu rather and vice versa; 6. In the context of loan contracts that have been made available (as defined below), this guarantee only covers the political risks described in Schedule 3; Violation of the borrower`s contractual obligations to the guaranteed borrower cannot, on its own, give rise to transfer measures. 3.03 The Bank cannot require any guarantor of the proposed payment if it does not require other sureties to pay simultaneously and in accordance with the parties mentioned in Schedule 2, as part of this guarantee. If the Bank has found that a political risk has arisen, it can make such a request and the guarantors respond to that request, even if the guarantors have previously ordered the bank in accordance with Article 2.05 B. This agreement does not prevent the Bank and the guarantors from making special arrangements for the management of individual loans. 11.01 This guarantee becomes mandatory for any bond immediately after signing or ratifying. Reflections and 5 annexes are an integral part of this guarantee.

for the surety: the address referred to in Schedule 1, point a), is taken from a certain amount of money and taken in cases where the borrower`s government does not comply with the obligations under the project contract or resigns from the project contract; None of the following acts or risks may require compliance with the guarantee obligations: . relevant provisions of this agreement (hereafter referred to as the guarantee agreement or guarantee) 1.

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