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Appendix 6.1 – SBAT Page 64, Appendix 6 SBAT Checklist Appendix 5.1 – Letter to Parents Endorsement of SBAT VET for Schools Programs offer valuable learning opportunities for high school students and can be an integral part of their SACE program. Whether schools are covered by an enterprise agreement or a bonus, it is important to have written contracts for individual employees. This workshop will focus on compliance with contractual contracts as well as legal registration retention requirements under the Fair Labour Act 2009. . Appendix 5.4 – Training Contract Details Request for authorization for access to training Offices are elected annually, while board members are elected every 3 years. . Vocational training refers to industry-recognized training, which results in a state-recognized qualification under the Australian Certification Framework (AQF). The management of the organization is entrusted to the board of directors, which includes people elected by the heads of schools, the candidates of the governing bodies, Bursar and the director. These programs allow students to combine vocational education and training (VET) with their SACE program. Students who participate in vocational training continue to work on their SACE, as the vocational training component gives them recognition for their SACE and also contributes to a nationally recognized qualification. For applications, please contact Appendix 3.1 – SBAT Fact Sheet for Students and Parents/Animators Take a look at the CESA-FORMATION website – a fantastic resource for promoting and strengthening career paths available in Catholic high schools in SA and a practical tool for researching courses, information and resources. Two of our Catholic fachhochschulen, Marcellin Technical College and St.

Patrick`s Technical College, are specialized high schools for classes 11 and 12, which, in conjunction with the end of high school, aspire to a professional career. Type of organisation and coverage: an organisation of employers linked to the independent education industry in South Australia Our secondary schools offer a series of vocational training programs for schools. . Appendix 5.6 – Letter to RTO`s Request for Disclosure of SBAT Results Professional learning allows students to be better informed about their work, training and continuing education opportunities. It also provides valuable sectoral knowledge that can be used as components of programs such as employment skills, employment skills, business training, collective and recognized learning, vocational training in schools and business partnerships. The organization is also run by an executive committee that includes the organization`s offices. The organization organizes its elections through the AEC. Fachhochschulen offer unique commercially oriented SACE courses and students receive tutoring and support from experienced teachers and trainers in the sector. Higher education institutions work with a wide network of industry associations, employers, training providers and group training organisations to enable students to begin their professional careers through school-based training/training (SBAT). Elizabeth Sexton, Human Resources Advisor, AISSA Sonia Albertini, Senior Legal Consultant, AISSA Registration Date: May 26, 2014 and was previously a recognized transitional association.

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