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• What is the construction of the coaching agreement? • Set up the coaching agreement at two levels. • How and when to establish a coaching contract. • An example of feedback from an ICF assessor In most situations, a client comes to a coaching session with a particular topic or situation they want to discuss in order to get clarification on how they can move forward. What I often notice when I am. As with all ICF essential skills for coaching, ICF provides a clear definition of setting up the coaching contract: in addition to a written coaching contract, some coaches use an «Intake Sheet» or have a checklist of the most important things to cover with the coach. This helps to ensure that all aspects are addressed and understood in more detail before the start of formal coaching, including what is presented in the coaching contract. After the meeting, I send the client my written coaching contract, which summarizes everything we discussed during the first conversation. I offer the client the opportunity to clarify or check any points of the agreement. The client will sign the agreement if they are happy to fully understand it and be ready to start our coaching journey. 2. Establish trust and intimacy with the client: as any coach knows, trust and intimacy are indispensable for any successful coaching relationship.

With a clear written coaching agreement, a client usually feels more relaxed about their confidentiality, which normally allows them to go further and more detail in their coaching conversation. The above list is not complete, nor does it reflect what each coach brings to their own agreement or discusses with each client or coach during a recording session. In particular, ICF wants clear expectations about the desired coaching results, preferably with measurable evidence of success. In addition, ICF wants to see that the Life Coach does not dictate the results or plays an authoritarian role. Regarding the coaching agreement, which applies to each coaching session, here you will find a guideline to establish it in accordance with the ICF standards for life coaching. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has developed eleven essential skills to better understand the skills and approaches of today`s coaching profession. The implementation of the coaching contract is the second essential skill classified in the «Setting the Foundation» category. Competencies are divided into four categories. According to the International Federation of Coaches, the construction of the coaching contract is defined as follows: The construction of the coaching contract is both a formality and an ongoing process. It happens in two ways.

Setting up the coaching agreement, as long as you are an ethical coach, is the first task of a practicing life coach. If you register as an ICF member on the iCF international website, you can search for «Establishing the Coaching Agreement» and you will find model contracts for personal coaching, coaching in general and even a free webinar on the topic Establishing the Coaching Agreement (2010) Most of the time, our clients come to a coaching meeting with a theme they want to explore…

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