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IRB Letter of Authorization (for Human Research Data) Determine the permitted uses and disclosures of the limited data set; A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is concluded between a provider institution and a receiving institution for the documentation of the transferred data. These include conditions relating to issues such as ownership, permitted use of data, publication of results, development of inventions, disposal of data and liability. Setting prerequisites for data transmission avoids problems and misunderstandings after the start of the research. Rutger`s PIs are often required to sign DUAS as read and understood. Rutgers strongly recommends that its PIs read duaS thoroughly before signing. Not all DUAs are created equal and it is very important that Rutger`s PIs and Key Personnel understand and comply with the terms set out in the agreement. Please provide the proposed amendment and the initial agreement for verification [email protected] and, once the terms of modification are completed, the agreement will be distributed for signature by OVPR. Rutgers investigators cannot sign D.A. on behalf of the university. The agreement must be concluded in the form of a contract between the institutions and signed by an authorised official capable of attaching it to the conditions.

No, the disclosure of «limited data sets» is not subject to hipC disclosure obligations. DHHS has taken the position that the protection of individuals` privacy with respect to PHI, which is disclosed in a «limited set of data», can be properly protected by a SINGLE DUA. A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is an agreement that is necessary and must be entered into in accordance with the data protection rule before a limited data set (defined below) is used or disclosed to an external institution or party. A limited set of data is always Protected Health Information (PHI), and that`s why covered companies like Stanford have to enter into a data usage agreement with each recipient of a limited set of Stanford data. The recommended minimum requirements for a data use agreement include the following conditions for the disclosure of data for research purposes: sometimes the transfer of data from one entity to another is dealt with as part of a broader agreement between the parties, for example. B a sub-agreement or contractual agreement on the services. The transfer of data as part of such a collaborative research project is often addressed in the study protocol or in the terms of the grant contract. In these cases, a separate DUA is usually not required. However, the transmission of data between the supplier and the beneficiary in the absence of a financing agreement (grant, contract, subcontracting, contractual service agreement, etc.) requires a DAL.

If a Stanford researcher is the recipient of a limited set of data from a non-Stanford source, the Stanford researcher might be asked to sign the other party`s DUA. . . .

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