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Break the deadlock when new agreements are put in place by introducing, after the nominal expiry date, continuous wage indexation in enterprise agreements in order to maintain a level playing field. Indexing would be linked to a standard ABS data set. If your supervisor is unable to answer your question, contact the Defence Service Center at 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362) or email If a copy of a GSP people directive or A DWRM directive is required for a historical reference, please email the GSP. that details the directive you have the subject and a copy can be provided. This solution can also encourage the parties to reach an agreement before the expiry times of the agreements. Information for the partners and families of ADF members. I work in the Department of Defense for the Capability Acquisition and Sustainability Group (CASG) and would like to reflect on the most recent business negotiation process. All questions related to the GSP Directive should be addressed first to your supervisor. A management-award-winning HR concept describes a situation in which employees would fairly routinely alternate between the defence industry and the return to GSP with skills developed and retained in the broader sector.

This concept cannot work in the event of a large pay gap. In the past, retired ADF members were a source of technical skills for the GSP and defence was sometimes able to recruit into the defence industry. The results are now reflected – we have extreme difficulties in attracting suitable candidates without entering into individual flexibility agreements (i.e. going outside the usual pay scales). The GSP agreements should have established a standard procedure for raising wages after the nominal expiry date in order to eliminate the emotions and suspicion motivations for wage increases. An appropriate index from the Australian Bureau of Statistics could be selected and a formula for pay rates to keep pace with the market and cost of living and avoid all consequences in the event of problems and anxiety. This solution would be negotiated in the «Operation of Agreement» section in addition to the nominal expiry date. A specific ABS index would be called with a formula and timings (z.B every 6 months). This would have a level playing field and would not affect negotiations on future productivity increases, etc. Since defence policy prohibits live links from the Defense Internet to the DRN, it is not possible to place a hyperlink to the SPG people policy site on this page.

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