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To be accepted into a group, you could say the things they like, they don`t like, and say the things they don`t like, they really like. For example, one might argue that they read a lot of books to be considered intellectuals, but in reality, they hate reading books. It creates a disagreement between the things you really want and the things you claim to want to do. 2. External conflict – conflict between a character and an external force. Both resources and money are often a source of conflict. Silver squeaks keeps your mood very whimsical and your level of patience at this time remains at a very low level. Of course, there will be times when you will have to put aside your role as a mediator and decide how to resolve the conflict – for example, when it comes to important departmental or corporate policy issues, there is an immediate danger or all other avenues have not resolved the conflict, but these opportunities are rare. The conflict varies from the disagreement resulting from its outcome, which is normally negative. From time to time, conflicts can be useful instead of harmful and lead to intentional contradictions that give positive results and better dynamics.

It is how the dispute is monitored that determines the outcome. If you characterize angry (anxious, hurtful, etc.) something your spouse has done, he/she is likely to react against you in return, that is, to have a personal view of the situation. Now you are both in conflict. Whatever the problem, the conflict is now about how you feel about how you feel about one another (and your relationship) and the negative thoughts you have about the other, based on personal history and the current situation. The problem is that he is a «shirker» and she is on one of his «emotional binges». It is now a dispute over who is right, who has violated the other, who is the worst spouse – this will not be negotiated. Since we all have different opinions, disagreement at work is natural. Every opinion counts, so differences of opinion must be treated professionally and fairly. There was a positive linear link between conflict with friends and aggression, conflict with fathers and criminality and conflict with mothers and withdrawal. In addition, there were linear and non-linear associations between conflicts of friends and school grades. These results are summarized in Step 2 of Tables 2, 3, 3 and 4.4.

Post-hoc analyses of the link between conflict of friends and school grades showed that grades decreased due to increased conflict with low- to medium-level friends, but there was no significant link between conflict and high-level conflict grades. A disagreement is a kind of conflict, whether between men or ideas. No it isn`t! Yes, that`s right! That is an argument. If your opinion is contrary to the facts, there is a disagreement. The unequal distribution of power plunges you into a situation of anger that can later turn into a major conflict. When people are confronted with conflicts, they tend to react on the basis of their understanding of the situation, instead of objectively looking at the situation and achieving an unbiased perception. Your reactions and perceptions are the result of your cultural beliefs, values, gender, experience and information you have. Remember, at work, it`s all about your team`s performance. Staff must learn to resolve conflicts without harming each other`s relationships or the quality of the team`s work. Statistically significant interactions have been interpreted with the post-hoc methods advocated by Aiken and West (1991). .

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