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DWAC is a system used by DTC clients to send electronic requests to FAST transfer agents who ask them to deposit or withdraw securities from the DTC FAST account. Transfer agents use the system to approve or deny the transaction. In this agreement, the FAST transfer agent accepts the terms of use of the DWAC system by DTC. FICC was established in 2003 to process fixed-rate transactions and integrate the Government Securities Clearing Corporation and the Mortgage-Backed Securities Clearing Corporation. The Government Securities (GSD) division provides real-time counterparties (RTTMs), clearing, risk management and clearing for transactions in U.S. Treasury bonds, including repo transactions or deposits. Securities transactions processed by the FiCC Government Securities Division include Treasury bills, bonds, bonds, zero-coupon securities, government securities and inflation-linked securities. The Mortgage-Backed Securities Division provides automated real-time comparisons and transactions, business confirmations, risk management, clearings and electronic pool notifications to the mortgage-backed securities market. Participants in this market include mortgage lenders, state-subsidized enterprises, registered brokers, institutional investors, investment managers, investment funds, commercial banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. By signing this agreement, a transfer agent acknowledges that he is required to issue a physical certificate of securities in the name designated by DTC, Cede & Co., for the entire position of each security he holds for DTC on a FAST account. Chills and gels can be imposed for more complex reasons, for example. B if DTC finds that there may be a legal, regulatory or operational problem with the issuance of the security, trading or clearing of transactions in the security. For example, DTC may cool or freeze a security if DTC is aware of or is informed by DTC that the issuer, the transfer agency, the federal or regional supervisory authorities, the law enforcement authorities of the Confederation or the state or federal law enforcement authorities, or all of the issuer`s securities or the transfer to such securities, infringe national or federal law.

If DTC suspects that all or part of its holdings in securities may not be freely transferable, as is necessary for DTC services, it may decide to insquent one or more of its services or freeze all security services. If there is a capital measure, DTC will temporarily cool security for accounting activities. In other cases, a capital measure may result in more sustainable cooling. This may force the issuer to re-apply for eligibility. It provides automated clearing and confirmation services for OTC derivatives, including credit, equity and interest rate derivatives. It also offers a comparison of cash flow and bilateral clearing services. Deriv/SERV`s customers include resellers and buy-side companies from 30 countries. In 2006, Deriv/SERV liquidated 2.6 million transactions. While debt issuances are added upon request, all equity issuances are subject to an application review process. Once approved, DTC sends the cancellation inventory to the agent and gives instructions to add security to the FAST credit. As requested by fast Balance Certificate Agreement, the agent must create a balance certificate that represents the FAST-Balance position for each security.

The Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) program is a contract between DTC and transfer agents that eliminates the movement of physical securities by allowing agents to act as custodian banks for DTC….

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