Eu Japan Association Agreement

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There has been an inevitable change in political priority to deal with the global pandemic, including measures to address the ongoing pressure on health systems and economic recovery measures that will continue well after the worst epidemic in their respective countries. However, as noted in the introduction, there is no indication to date that either party has withdrawn with respect to certain aspects of the GSB. Nevertheless, it remains a challenge if each party can motivate the agreement beyond its original priority. The agreement also allows for greater reciprocity in access to public procurement and opens up new opportunities for many European companies, particularly in the rail sector. The world is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID 19 pandemic and is inevitably forced to address this global emergency for a long time, including the fight for economic stabilization. The BSG marks a new era of partnership between the EU and Japan. The agreement implies that like-minded partners must serve as guardians of a rules-based international order. While this soft power partnership has sufficient potential to contribute to sustainable global governance that, in a new post-COVID-19 era, will have a significant impact on decision-making in the international community, its success depends on ongoing and vital efforts that go beyond each side`s short-term priorities. EU-Japan Market Access b/fta_japan_overview.htm The EPA BETWEEN the EU and Japan should boost trade in goods and services and create many opportunities for EU SMEs: tariffs on more than 90% of Japan`s imports from the EU will be abolished as soon as the EPA comes into force. This will cover a wide range of sectors: agriculture and food, manufactured goods (including textiles, clothing, etc.), as well as forestry and fishing. In addition, non-tariff barriers to motor vehicles, medical devices and «quasi-drug» sectors are expected to be significantly reduced.

Finally, the agreement will facilitate the export of services to the Japanese market and will affect a considerable number of sectors, from telecommunications to postal services to the financial sector.

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