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On 27 January, IndustriALL and Michelin signed an agreement for the establishment of the Michelin Global Works Council. The new Council, which represents the group`s workers, will rely heavily on the work, methods and positive results of Michelin`s European Works Council (MEWC). The German automaker systematically refusing to grant the same rights to its employees in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, as in the rest of the world, IndustriALL Global Union today suspends its long-standing global agreement with Volkswagen. More than 100 suppliers of H-M, which employ hundreds of thousands of workers, participated in joint workshops organized by IndustriALL and the Swedish clothing company H-M to discuss the Global Framework Agreement (GFA) and its implementation. As part of the ongoing implementation of the Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA), IndustriALL Global Union and H-M met to establish a National Monitoring Committee (NMC) in India. Over a two-year period, IndustriALL`s subsidiaries in Turkey and Bangladesh successfully organized more than 50 subcontracting plants as part of an effective implementation program of global framework agreements. Current agreementsIndustriALL has existing GFAs with the following multinationals. Click on each company to see more information and the text of the contract. The Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA) between IndustriALL and German retailer Tchibo was signed in September 2016 and the parties continue to work towards its effective implementation. IndustriALL has also entered into global agreements with multinationals that cover specific key issues in all sectors of these companies. These include our global health and safety agreement with ArcelorMittal and our global sexual harassment agreement with Unilever. IndustriALL Global Union renewed its Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA) with The Italian energy company ENI on 21 June at a meeting in Athens, Greece. At a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, unions from around the world, the world`s largest steel group, ArcelorMittal, decided to deepen their global relationship with the company in order to meet the ongoing challenges.

IndustriALL and Inditex, one of the world`s largest apparel distributors, have agreed to create a global trade union committee to share best practices across the industry. IndustriALL Global Union has renewed and strengthened its Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with Siemens Gamesa, the world leader in wind turbine production.

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