Hps Pharmacies Enterprise Agreement

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While the HPS Network of Pharmacists has always received significantly higher pay than the hourly rate of the Pharmacy Industry Award, the newly introduced agreement will provide pharmacists: Jonathan Soon, EA employee and collaborator of HPS, says: «The HPS pharmacist group was satisfied with the final result achieved with the implementation of the EA and looks forward to stability, that this will bring to HPS pharmacists. In April 2012, HPS and its pharmacy network began a consultation process to provide the group with a pharmacy manager, a Pharmacist In-Charge and a Pharmacist Enterprise Agreement (EA) to formally define their opportunities and conditions of employment. «This project has been a priority for the group over the past 12 months and will provide a solid foundation for the future of HPS pharmacists. With the conclusion of successful negotiations between HPS, Professional Pharmacists Australia and workers` bargaining representatives, the proposed EA has been put to the vote and it is with great pleasure that HPS announces that the first EA has been selected and approved by the pharmacist community with an overwhelming agreement of 81.2%. Tracy Dickens, Head of Human Resources at HPS, said: «This performance is representative of a year`s efforts that involve close cooperation between HPS and the negotiating representative committee for the development of a robust corporate agreement.»

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