Paris Agreement Acceleration Fund

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You will not only finalize this article, but also unlock access to the community content of our global team of journalists reporting on the latest global news in the areas of health, humanitarian aid and international development. And it`s totally free. The call for proposals was an extraordinary success, with a total of 350 applications. The request for proposals was oversubscribed 36 times, with offers totalling more than $43 billion. The concept notes presented are subject to a rigorous evaluation process and the top 30 ideas have been pre-selected for future developments. Other concept notes that have not been selected for limited selection may continue to be considered for the regular pipeline. Land use and sea use projects| Sustainable Landscape Management and Sea Management Mechanism For sustainable management of renewable energy production, improving energy efficiency; Waste optimization and water and sanitation management The Green Climate Fund proposed US$500 million to free up private sector financing in developing countries. Bold investment ideas have poured in from all approaches around the world to raise capital for low-carbon, climate-resilient projects. The fight against the loss of tropical forests could be encouraged by a new financing mechanism to generate private sector investment in the flow of forest carbon credits through REDD projects.

Water and sanitation project| WaterCredit Investment Fund 3: Using affordable financing for the scale of access to water and sanitation in climate change-sensitive countries.

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