Paris Climate Agreement Japan

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Recently, the EU, Germany and France have begun to recognize the importance of a hydrogen society in combating climate change while stimulating the economy. In Japan, in December 2013, METI created the «Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Strategy Council» made up of experts from the industrial scientific government (suiso nenryodenchi senryakukyougikai). Based on Council discussions, the Council of Ministers on Renewable Energy and Related Issues on 26 December 2017 adopted a document entitled «Basic Hydrogen Strategy» (Suiso Kihon Senryaku), which advocates a world-leading hydrogen company. This document shows hydrogen as a new energy choice. It shows that Japan will be at the forefront of the global effort to create a carbon-free society by leveraging its strengths. On October 23, 2018, METI and the Organization for the Development of New Energy and Industrial Technologies held the first ministerial meeting on hydrogen in Tokyo. As a result, the Tokyo Declaration was adopted. In addition, on March 12, 2019, the Council developed a new strategic roadmap for hydrogen and fuel cells for a hydrogen and fuel cell strategy to achieve the objectives of the basic hydrogen strategy. Development banks have taken climate action, but no fossil fuels are depleted Carbon prices are rising as a weapon of choice at the global level Since a revision of the country`s basic energy plan is not planned until 2021 at the earliest, government officials seem to have decided that the time has not come to increase their national contributions (NDC) to the fight against climate change. Only four nations have submitted more ambitious climate plans to date to the UN – the Marshall Islands, Suriname, Norway and Moldova. Japan on Monday reaffirmed an existing plan to combat global warming by 2030 and was criticized by the architects of the Paris climate agreement for not setting stricter targets. As part of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Japan has set a target in 2015 to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by fiscal year 2030 compared to the 2013 level. Biden likely pushing Japan to do more to make political climate change «retreat» on the Denpariser pact hurts all nations, UN climate chief says Japan`s contributions to climate change, including government response, municipalities and private sector leaders praise the Paris climate pact as Trump proposes agreement There are also adaptations of the Paris agreement in the area of Justice.

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