Process Mapping Agreements

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In this secret, these are simple tools for assigning processes and questions that you can use now (without unusual consultants or software) to quickly outline the steps of the process in complex contractual relationships. The internal moderator: The moderator leads the sessions and needs group process skills and knowledge of the process improvement methodology. She encourages participation and creates diagrams with the team. Later, this person will assist in the analysis and redesign of the process. If you don`t have a staff member with the skills and knowledge to take on this role in your organization, you can also hire an external consultant. Reverse sandwich contracting is not a magic wand. It`s not going to fix your terrible process for you. What it does is mark what the current processes are, so you can offer a better option. Create the history of the contract process as you see it now. Systematically get out of the first interest in a contract (z.B.

a customer approaches a seller and discusses a product purchase). It is good to go back a few steps before and after your current knowledge about setting up the contract to really help play the links in the chain of contract. Identifying the parties involved and documenting the tasks associated with negotiating the contract provide you with a basis for the contract management process. The next step is to develop models to automate the process. Start with an analysis of all existing contract processes, then categorize according to the following criteria: Here are some other examples of business processes that might work well for a first attempt at process assignment: a process assignment is a graphic description of end-to-end activities in a process that shows different stakeholders and, in our case, some details about information flows and information architecture. The first version of the process assignment is usually based on all available documentation (see list below). It is highly recommended to use the standard BPM rating to create the cards. What business process do you want to represent and improve? Aren`t your contracts synchronized with the company? What are the contractual elements or processes that hold you back the most? Once you`ve completed the original project, you review the mindmap process with other people involved, for example, an interview. B, and you`ll get feedback on how they see the process working. Good process names follow the following guidelines, as well as the examples above.

In a larger picture, this is not the end of the story. Then you can analyze your as-is map for problem areas, propose process improvements and record these improvements in another swimming track diagram. The methods of modeling the proposed process are similar to those of the as-is.

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