Renault Nissan Rama Agreement

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The two automakers are expected to scrap the game and set new rules. Talks between them began to be in full swing over the summer, but it is not known when an agreement will be reached, according to Les Echos. PARIS — Nissan Motor and Renault are considering a complete overhaul of the rules of their alliance, The French business daily Les Echos reported on Monday, as the two carmakers were recently unhappy with the deal. But the Macron-backed stabilization agreement went further, with a firm promise from Renault never to oppose Nissan`s board at a meeting of the company`s shareholders. In the fight with the rope that looms for the staging, it is a handicap. The agreement on their relationship, known as RAMA, allows Nissan to increase its share of Renault when it is subjected to inappropriate interventions by the French side and allows Renault to appoint, for example, Nissan`s Chief Operating Officer and senior executives. The new agreement also provides for Renault to manufacture a Mitsubishi-branded van based on its traffic supplier sold in the Oceania region. The new agreement contains a number of initiatives to promote cooperation between the three companies, while ensuring that they remain separate entities. It should be noted that each brand will be the leading «reference company» in a given region: Nissan in China, Renault in Europe and Mitsubishi in Southeast Asia. Since then, Saikawa has challenged Renault`s right to appoint executives and directors under the Alliance-Master agreement, in correspondence seen by Reuters. Such fundamental differences now threaten the future of the partnership that competes with Volkswagen and Toyota in the global automotive industry. But this one, more than most, could make Macron`s own.

In negotiations with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Renault plans to include Nissan this time. The latest talks, which ultimately failed, envisaged an equal merger between Renault and FCA, with Nissan being left out. The Japanese manufacturer did not support the plan. He added: «We are now getting closer to a situation where they realize too late that it has had an impact on their negotiating position. The balance of power of the Alliance is already in place. At first, Macron`s employees rejected Saikawa`s claims – renault was to sell its controlling stake in Nissan, restore voting rights to Nissan`s Renault holding company to 15 percent and cede control of the alliance – because they were dictated by Ghosn, who was then Nissan`s CEO. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance announces major investments in future technology In the eight months of battle that followed between Macron`s ministry and Hiroto Saikawa , the nissan commander at the time, many see the seeds of today`s crisis. «The terminology, phrases and vocabulary we hear today are the same as in 2015,» said another former French government official, now an investment banker. Efforts to secure and deepen the Renault-Nissan alliance must «respect the cross-shareholdings as they are today,» the minister also told BFM TV. Nissan currently holds a 15% non-voting stake in Renault. Relations between the three companies have been strained since the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, who led the three and was the driving force behind their alliance, on charges of financial misconduct in Japan. Ghosn is said to have planned to take an initiative in favour of a complete merger between Renault and Nissan.

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