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CETAS has developed a number of software programs with the aim of making them available to customers on the basis of subscriptions («product»). The product contains property rights to certain valuable trade names, trademarks and computer programs. The methods, ideas, know-how and process of CETAS are an essential, secret, defined and important part of CETAS and its operation. In accordance with certain agreements with Microsoft, CETAS has been granted the right to sell these products as a service («SaaS») through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program («CSP»), in accordance with the software`s licensing and availability model. Other products can also be sold as SaaS, but not through Microsoft CSP. These conditions apply to all products developed by CETAS and sold as SaaS. i. Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement on its purpose and replaces any prior or simultaneous communications. In the event of a conflict between the documents contained in this Agreement, which are not expressly resolved in these documents, their conditions are checked in the following decreasing order of priority: (1) this online subscription contract, (2) the terms of the online services, (3) the applicable offer details and (4) all other documents in this contract. (iii) Limited offer.

You will receive a limited number of online services for a limited period of time free of charge (for example. B as a test subscription or free account) or as part of another Microsoft offer (z.B MSDN). The provisions of this agreement regarding pricing, cancellation fees, payment and data retention may not apply. one. Term of contract and termination. This contract remains in effect until your subscription expires, terminates or extends, depending on the earliest date. v. Suspension. We may suspend your use of online services if: (1) it is reasonably necessary to prevent unauthorized access to customer data; 2. They do not respond, within a reasonable time, to an allegation of section 5 violation; 3.

They do not pay the amounts due under this contract; 4. You do not comply with the terms of use or violate other terms of this Agreement; or (5) for limited offers, the subscription becomes inactive if you do not have access to online services, as described in the details of the offer.

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