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Nina stresses, however, that we must not go broke from the idea of a band as a company the creativity that arises from common music. «A lot of people are debunked by legal contracts,» she says. «It`s a necessary evil, but it doesn`t take it away from the group at all.» Indeed, you will probably save your friendships and professional relationships by putting everyone on the same side sooner rather than later. Earnings from different group activities should not be evenly distributed or in the same way. Recording and performance funds can be a uniform allocation, while publication and merchandise may not be. What is your structure? [18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money] Nina Noir, a San Francisco musician and member of the all-girl Queen Tribute Band The Killer Queens, admits that at first it was quite complicated to have «conversation» with her band. «I felt like, «Why is it so serious?» But every group is a business,» she says. Even though it`s fun and it doesn`t look like regular work, you pay taxes and invest money. With an agreement, the group works better. What happens when a member of the group is sick, disabled or dying? You may have played for laughs, but if you and your bandmates are now at the point where you want to take your musical career seriously, it`s time to create a band contract – and soon. You will thank you later for developing all the legal changes instead of waiting for a real problem.

The potential to earn a lot of money and/or add someone or kick someone out could end up killing your group if unpleasant conversations about money don`t end proactively. Will not become a horror story. Instead, lead the conversation, focus on music and enjoy a successful career. This law may provide for, for example. B, that each partner can make binding commitments on behalf of the group, that all partners are responsible for the group`s obligations and that each partner has the right to participate equally in the capital and profits of the company. That may not be what you want, but an agreement among the group is crushing the law (at least in Ontario, Canada). While you`re at it, another useful company to keep you busy early in your band`s career is copyrighting all your music, branding your band`s name and making sure you write contracts in your favor prepared for your producers and agents to agree. Then you will all be hired to share your music with the world! Amateur radio tape plan layout of amateur band plan Category: Jambon-Radio/Band Plans Rating: 5.51 votes: 16 Results: 3905 return remove this link frame link bad link! Translate Disclaimer amateur radio-layout of…

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