Ssa 2490 Application For Benefits Under A Us International Social Security Agreement

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The application for benefits under a U.S. International Social Security contract (Form SSA-2490-BK) is an application for benefits under a U.S. Social Security contract. It is a versatile form that an applicant may use, depending on the circumstances, to claim totalization benefits from the United States, regular benefits or totalling foreign benefits from the other country or both in the United States and abroad. When the applicant considers «yes» in point 6, Form SSA-2490-BK becomes an act of protection for all classes of benefits for a spouse or child entitled. Names and other necessary information are obtained through the regular application for pension, survival or disability. 2 (a) (4) Social Security number during work – Enter the foreign social security number under which a specified term of insurance has been established. Point 18 (f) – Enter the name of the agency that approved or rejected the previous application (p.B for U.S. services in «SSA»).

Enter «Unknown» if the name is not known. Use the information below to fill out the non-explanatory items on the paper and electronic form (electronic form) SSA-2490-BK. Foreign Claimed Advantage – Activate the corresponding box for the type of benefits that are used abroad. If the applicant verifies «Divers,» enter the name of the benefit into the area available. The benefits paid by each country are described in the sub-chapter of this agreement. After receiving a signed form SSA-2490-BK, stamp the app in the block in the top right corner of page 1 that contains the words «Don`t write in this room.» Point 4 – This article asks for information on the nature of benefits that are used abroad and/or in the United States. Foreign and U.S. benefits can be indicated and more than one type of benefit can be used on a SSA-2490-BK form. If an applicant chooses a benefit that appears inappropriate (for example.

B, a 70-year-old worker chooses a disability benefit), have it explained to the applicant in the «Observations» section (point 19) or on Form SSA-795. Individuals applying for foreign benefits under an agreement, with the exception of Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea or Spain, must complete Parts I and II. Individuals applying for benefits from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea or Spain under the agreements with these countries do not complete form SSA-2490-BK, as there are separate Australian, Canadian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish application forms available for this purpose (see summary table in GN 01702.120). Part I requires the identification of information relating to the worker, the worker`s social insurance in the other country and the nature of the benefits that are used under an agreement. Always fill this part. Table GN 01702.120 shows the parts of the SSA-2490-BK that the applicant must complete in order to qualify for U.S. and/or foreign benefits under each agreement. 2 (b) (3) Social Security number used for this insurance coverage if it differs from item 2 (a) (4) – Enter the foreign social security number under which insurance coverage has been established if it is differentiated from point 2 a) (4). The paper form and the electronic form (electronic form) are divided into two parts. As explained below, individuals who apply for U.S. benefits under one of the agreements must always enter into the first part.

Point 2 – This article asks for information on the worker`s social security credits (coverage) and their last residence abroad. NOTE: Specific information on all foreign coverage periods is needed to help the foreign agency find the work data sets. If there is no precise and complete answer to these questions, this can lead to incomplete coverage of the worker abroad. Point 7 – Indicate whether the worker or any other person claiming work plan benefits is or has ever been a refugee or a stateless person.

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