Suzuki Agreement Number

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Your regular monthly repayments are low, as it is the nature of a PCP product that a significant portion of the total amount to be paid is repaid at the end of your agreement by a substantial final refund, payable one month after payment of all other refunds. Looking for a fixed-rate lease? With Personal Contract Hire, you choose a new car, you agree on your maximum annual mileage and the duration of your contract. Then you pay a first rent followed by fixed monthly rents to adjust your budget. At the end of your contract, just return the keys. With the personal contract purchase, you can make small monthly payments by deferring a significant portion of the cost of the car to the end of the agreement. Once we have approved the funding application, you will leave. And if you get to the end of your agreement, choose the best option for you – pay for the final package, exchange it or return it. Details Your credit contract is registered with credit agencies: Personal Contract Hire or PCH works in the same way as PCP, the main difference is that ownership of the vehicle is not accepted at the end of the contract term and that the vehicle is returned instead. However, another vehicle could then be selected under the same system (subject to credit quality verification).

At the end of your PCP contract, you have three options: if you don`t have your contract number, you can add our customer service to 0344 824 0876 Vehicle maintenance to your contract to make sure your car stays in top shape (a maintenance fee will be added to your monthly rent) Depending on your original down payment , your probable annual number, selected model and the length of your agreement, we charge our predicted value (also known as future guaranteed value (GFV) your car. The predicted value is usually equal to the final lump sum refund, so if you want to keep the car at the end of the agreement, you know exactly how much you will pay for it It should be noted that this makes the difference for PCH, where you have to return the vehicle at the end of your contract because there is no ownership option. Do you want to have your Suzuki at the end of the deal? With the rental purchase, you grant yourself a first deposit with the merchant, the duration of your contract (1-5 years) and a monthly payment amount. Once we have approved the funding application, you will leave.

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