This Agreement Shall Enter Into Force Upon Signature By Both Parties

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a reserve signature with regard to ratification, or this agreement may be opened to the signature of the members of the Council of Europe who may become contracting parties, or by: for the purposes of this agreement, the «territory» of a contracting party has the importance attributed to it by that party in a statement addressed to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe. The Secretary General of the Council of Europe advises the Member States of the Council and the States that join it: refugees who have entered the territory of a contracting party under this agreement are readmitted at any time, in the simple dialect of the first contracting party, to the territory of the contracting party through which the travel document was issued. unless that contracting party has authorized the persons concerned to settle on its territory. If one or more parties deem it necessary, the limit is crossed only at the permitted points. The ratification instruments are tabled with the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe. 1 Refugees who are legally in the territory of a contracting party are exempt from the requirement to obtain visas to enter or leave the territory of another party at a border, in accordance with this agreement and with the participation of the party, provided that each party reserves the possibility of delaying the entry into force of this agreement for reasons of public service , safety or health. , or to order a temporary suspension for all or part of the other contracting parties, unless it is Article 5. The Secretary-General of the Council of Europe is immediately informed when such a measure is taken and ceases to take effect. This agreement does not violate the provisions of communal law or the bilateral or multilateral treaties, conventions or agreements that are already in force or which may enter into force below, under conditions more favourable to the crossing of borders for refugees legally residing in the territory of a party. As a witness, the undersigned, duly authorized, signed this agreement. After this agreement comes into force, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers may unanimously invite any non-Council government that is a party to the Refugee Convention of 28 July 1951 or the Convention on the Issuance of a Travel Document for Refugees of 15 October 1946. to join it. This accession will come into force one month after the accession instrument to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe is tabled.

2 In the case of a member who signs or ratifies the agreement for ratification without reservation, the agreement enters into force one month after the date of signing or filing the ratification instrument.

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