Ticfa Agreement

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For its part, Bangladesh would have argued that it was pleasing to everyone except one – freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. In light of recent developments, in fact, the SPG subcommittee of the USTR (United States Trade Representative), which has considered a reduction or removal of Bangladesh`s preferential tax advantages in complaints filed by prestigious human rights organizations such as the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations), followed by incidents of the Tazreen fire and the worst , which killed more than a thousand people in the collapse of the famous Rana Plaza. all interest groups across the country, including the government, have clearly addressed the reality of workers` rights issues. There is no doubt that all of this has enabled us to find a solution to bottlenecks when the ICTFA is signed. It has been about five years since the proposed agreement waited for a decisive nod, which finally took place on 17 June 2013 at the cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister. This government is a transitional government. Constitutionally, it should only do routine work. The signing of an international treaty as important as The Ticfa is not appropriate for a transitional government. That is the first important issue that we need to address. Why didn`t the government disclose the agreement? If we look at the documents of the Ticfa agreements with Sri Lanka and Pakistan, we do not find anything so serious to hide. If our government discloses the agreement, relevant stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide feedback, which will strengthen Bangladesh`s position and protect our national interest.

Bangladesh will attend the WTO Ministerial Conference next month. The meeting will address a wide range of trade-related issues, including the environment and work. These two sensitive issues could be included in The Ticfa. The United States may soften in the environment, but it will probably be tough on the issue of labour. The Bangladeshi government has long been cautious on the issue of labour. In the WTO forum, the least developed countries are dealing with these issues together. For a long time, they opposed the proposals of industrialized countries on environmental and trade labour issues and called them unfavourable to the least developed countries. Our government must be careful. Developed countries often resort to bilateral agreements to avoid multilateral forums where it is more difficult to harass smaller and poorer countries because they work together. I believe that any error in the negotiations will make us vulnerable to pressure from the United States and weaken our position as head of the LDC.

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