Video Production Retainer Agreement

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As each production company is a little different, it could also offer additional savings. If you have a contract or a Master Services Agreement if something unfortunate happens, the contract is there to determine what happens next. In general, most of them make a deal with the best of intentions, but things happen, it`s life. Our production process follows four different phases, all carefully studied and listed. This ensures alignment, reduces errors and creates a predictable and fluid production pipeline. The work to be done by the Agency will be determined within a specified time frame. It will define key projects and ongoing activities that are the Agency`s responsibility and set a timetable for completion. If one of them needs a video, the price is a non-factor. The video has already been paid for… by the entire stable of all their customers. Apparently, the contract we received from our former corporate advisor was not great.

This may have worked for him, but for our specific video needs, it turns out it wasn`t great. Our lawyer finally wrote us a new contract. Yes, video production is a technical and creative medium. To tell stories in a way that better engages viewers, we need a framework of professional, talented and creative collaborators who have the vision and understanding of the requirements of the market, but also the wisdom to constantly refine and update their skills, expertise and experience, so that they can produce better consistent results. Suppose you`re hired to create a video for a client. When all is said and done, they love it (of course) and want you to produce another video for them. If you have more questions about retainers, you may want to ask yourself. Chances are good, if we don`t have a relationship yet, don`t call immediately to ask for a retainer. We can accept any number of agreements, in different ways.

Tell us what you have in mind, even if you`re in Miami. Apart from that, I always felt that the agreement was a better term than the contract. The agreement lays the foundation for a healthier relationship with those you work with. Finding a production company you like, and locking it up with a retainer, is stressful. Meanwhile, your video production company is not working on one, but on a series of projects for your business. What a retainer also contributes to this is long-term objectives, priority project processing, and project cost reduction, as you are primarily prepaying for work (bulk purchase). This improves the quality of your videos and saves you valuable time, as the production team shares your vision and goals for your communication strategy. It took us a long time to get paid. Meanwhile, the company laid off 15% of its staff and guessed this, our contact was one of them. So we had to start the whole process of tracking our money again and talking to new people.

It was a disaster. Even the 3 videos allegedly promised in a «month» disappeared and were dusty. Another reason why we had to be paid for the work already done. The good news, says our contact, is that it is now 3 (three!) The videos needed – but it took them a month or a month to find out everything.

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