Can A Job Description Be Changed Without Agreement

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What an employer cannot do is unreasonable. In the example above, the employer cannot simply decide that the secretary is good in numbers and get her to become an accountant without her consent, as this role involves a total change in her duties. If this is the wish of the company, an advisory/restructuring process must be initiated. If the contract does not contain an amending clause and the employer makes an amendment without the worker`s consent, this may be an infringement. Workers are protected against any change in their job description that may be interpreted as retaliation by an employer in response to a worker`s exercise of a labour right. For example, an informant may appeal if his or her job has been changed after reporting a violation of the law from his or her employer. There are certain clauses that, if contained in the contract, would allow the employer to make changes to the contract without the worker`s consent. These clauses are as follows: at this point, you should have some clarification on the new job description, and it`s a good idea to look at the big picture. Will changes in the job description help you get closer to your personal career goals? If they do, you`ll be on the right track. If not, it`s time to develop a strategy that may include conversation with your boss, launching specific projects in addition to the job description, finding a mentor, or focusing on learning opportunities outside of work, for example. B participation in a course or membership in an interest group. .

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