Dog Sitting Agreement

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Regardless of how you register signatures, it is important to ensure that all customers have accepted your terms and signed your contract. As a reminder, the pet residence contract is an incredibly important part of your pet seat or a business walking dog. It`s designed to protect you, your team and your business in the event of an emergency or problems that may arise while running your business. As with any legal document – seek legal advice and let a lawyer help you create and verify your contract before clients sign it. This agreement will also contain all important information about the accompanying animal, such as name, gender, age, type of animal and bite. There are also optional spaces to receive information about the animal`s medical needs, if any, as well as other general information about care (for example. B if the animal has a favorite toy or a particular habit). Paragraph titles are intended only for approval and must not affect the interpretation or determination of rights or obligations arising from this agreement. Hiring a professional pet allows you to take care of your pet safely and economically. A well-constructed agreement protects both the owner and the sitter to ensure that each party understands its rights and obligations in the agreement.

If you are a sitter, this form ensures that you receive all the information you need to take care of the pet in your load. If you are a homeowner, this agreement provides the certainty that your pet will receive the care and attention it deserves. After your lawyer can help you conclude your pet seat contract, you must now find a way for your clients to sign the contract. Time To Pet offers our customers a very simple and simple way to add their contracts and enter the electronic signature of these agreements. This is called portal policy, and after activating the policy and adding your agreement, you can ask all new customers to verify and sign the document. You can also request that all existing customers check the document and e-signature. If you change the agreement, you can choose whether or not your customers must re-sign the agreement. If you need to print the agreement, you can also download a PDF file for each customer who signed the contract.

Time To Pet also has an example of a key processing form for you to check. Just like the service agreement and the vet sharing form – this is only for education, and your forms all need to be checked by a lawyer. Time To Pet has an example of the veterinary release form that you can check.

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