Dual Appointment Agreement

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There are no double dates available for staff and academic combinations, if they are 100% on time. Full-time workers when the second appointment as a board member is a private, non-profit, educational, sports or research-related foundation or association, organized to assist higher education institutions in Georgia and who may do business with those institutions or with the Board of Directors of the University System to promote this purpose; 16. The dual mandate coordinators of both institutions inform the parties concerned of the USG`s dual-deadline agreement and provide copies of it. NOTE: If a party rejects the terms of the USG agreement at dual maturity during implementation, the dual strawberry coordinators of both institutions coordinate the necessary updates or communicate to the relevant parties that the agreement could not be executed. (a) HI Dual Appointment Coordinator is working with hi Accounting Office to launch the invoice to RI. (b) THE HI COMPTABLE OFFICE sends the IR Accounting Board the invoice and a copy of the work form that completes the contract. (c) THE RI Accounting Office verifies and sends the payment to the HI COMPTABLE OFFICE. (d) Both institutions agree and adapt the accounting and budget if necessary. (See section 5.3.3 of the BPM) Once the propst or EVPR unsubscribe on the form, the ability to clean georgia Tech coordinator of the dual function, which will inform the staff and the parties involved.

Prior to the creation of a dual deadline, services should consult on centralized staff compensation. Https://www.usg.edu/business_procedures_manual/section5/C1251/Visiting www.usg.edu/academic_affairs_handbook/section4/C682/Independent Research Scholars: www.usg.edu/hr/manual/dual_appointmentsRetire research.uga.edu/visiting/ Double appointments (on the Berkeley campus) occur when a staff employee who be staff position and: regarding NYU-NY, a employee covered under a collective bargaining agreement between the University and Local 1, 30, 153, 3882, or 810 may not be simultaneously hold a dual administration as an Administrator/Professional Research Staff, «Dual Employment» or «Dual Employment» refers to an NYU collaborator who holds more than one appointment at the same time as the university. The recruitment manager should check whether an alternating appointment application form should be completed if the selected candidate is a current UC Berkeley collaborator.

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