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Under the grant agreement, recipients must ensure that researchers have unlicensed access to the background and foreground thought rights in order to develop their work within the project. However, these access rights are granted on the basis of «needs,» which means that they can only be granted if they are necessary for researchers to conduct their research within the project. In the event of a restriction that could affect the granting of these access rights, researchers should be informed as soon as possible. Marie Skodowska-Curie`s actions have established criteria for attracting and retaining the most talented researchers. Named after the dual Franco-Polish scientist, known for her work on radioactivity, MSC Actions supports researchers at all stages of their careers, regardless of their nationality. Researchers working in all disciplines, from life-saving health care to blue-sky science, are eligible. The MSCA also supports industrial PhD students by combining academic doors with corporate work and other innovative training that improves employability and career development. In addition to generous research funding, scientists have the opportunity to gain experience abroad and in the private sector and to complete their training with professionally relevant skills or disciplines. By promoting the mobility of researchers and cooperation, Marie Skodowska-Curie`s actions help to promote the transfer of knowledge. Researchers gain experience in different types of organizations, increasing their career prospects and entrepreneurship skills.

Research fellows are funded by the European Commission (50%) IIT (50%). Positions are due to start in the summer – in early autumn. So if you expect your MSc to have this summer, please apply! Excerpt from marie Skodowska Curie`s Candidates` Guide to Actions: The New Academic Year is coming and many of you will reflect on the next project you are thinking about. You may have missed updating all the H2020 to V2 plans at the end of July. But they`re all easy to find. Since 1996, the program has supported 98,000 researchers: 80,000 before 2014 and 18,000 in the 2020 years of Horizon so far. In early 2017, the program is expected to fund its 100,000th scholarship holder. From 2014 to 2020, around 65,000 researchers, including 25,000 PhD students, will benefit from a budget of 6.2 billion euros.

The programme attracts talent to Europe: since 2014, 25% of fellows are nationals of countries outside the EU or of the 15 associated countries of Horizon 2020. The program also encourages innovation and job creation. During the current funding period, msc shares are expected to generate approximately 1,500 patent applications and result in the creation of more than 100 swarms. MINDED is a Marie Skodowska-Curie-COFUND action that guarantees scientists the prestige and long-term benefits as an MSC fellow and offers the opportunity to develop their research activities within IIT, a highly interdisciplinary and dynamic institution, in close collaboration with 16 partners. Submitted by michael rogers Fri, 07/09/2018 – 18:38 EU cooperation projects such as Horizon 2020 require an exchange of information between participants, as the main principle of these projects is the development of new knowledge using the existing knowledge of each partner.

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