Mponline Kiosk Agreement

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The candidate will then go to the online mp portal to register on online mp. On the online portal mp, I go to the citizen kiosk and click on the application for New Kiosk. Your application was submitted after you clicked Send, you will come across the profile you have indicated, in which you will also receive the application number above, displayed on your email ID as well as on your registered mobile phone number. Now you have to check the application for which you have to return to the Registered on the online portal mp, you can now access online mp features and customers. The applicant is authorized to provide online services to THE citizens of MP Online Limited under an agreement. -Pan Card -Aadhaar Card (Check the basic number of mobile phone number) – House FluxCount -Bank account number – It is mandatory, a gumasta store (Gumasta license) (furniture registration certificate) – E-mail-ID – Personal cell phone number – Shop documents – Shop StromCounts – Photos inside and outside the shop Now you need to add inside or outside the store in the photo installation of the photo appendix of the photo operator` photo. Finally, check the ad and click Send. You`ll be aware of the app you`ve made. They did not pay the option fee by four points, so they did not. Now you have to pay the discount Now you reach the online payment process as you wish.

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