Silent Partner Agreement Uk

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Both the silent shareholder and the additional partner participate in the company`s profit and loss account. By default, under the Partnership Act, there is no other right to shares if a partner has a more important title (e.g. B managing partner), more work or more capital in the company. A frequent disagreement can be the one that has contributed the most and, therefore, how assets should be shared: to someone who brings quality skills, to someone who brings money, to someone who works a long time, or to someone who has contacts to sell. However, problems can easily arise if there is no prior written agreement. All the documents of the partnership contract are available here. Noteworthy: Once you have made these and all other changes, it must be printed and signed by you and your partner, as well as two cookies. Once confidence in the company`s skills and direction is established, there is little other responsibility for a silent partner than to enjoy the profits generated by the company. . .


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