Tafe Commission Of Nsw Administrative Support And Related Employees Enterprise Agreement 2019

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To support this, we will ask all temporary teachers and related collaborators to participate in Federation meetings (currently organized via different video and teleconference platforms) in order to inform federation representatives and organizers of the status of your job, so that you can work with us to ensure the smoothness of this new process/clause. «TAFE NSW continues to commit to a teacher-approved agreement approved by the Fair Work Commission. Prior to the start of negotiations, the Federation conducted a survey of all TAFE members who are covered by the agreement to determine their priorities for the new EA. This survey revealed by an overwhelming majority that teachers wanted to focus on a 2.5% increase in annual salary without loss of conditions. «The directors received a salary increase after the conclusion of a new company agreement for the tafe directors.» The Federation and tafe NSW have held numerous meetings where we have made progress in agreeing on key issues. Among these key themes identified by TAFE members who had conducted a survey of all workplaces prior to the negotiations were a 2.5% wage increase without loss of conditions, an increase in sustainability and access to genuine professional development to maintain professional currency. Gavrielatos also asked the prime minister to change the decision and respect the agreement reached in good faith. On the 18th, however, Mr Faurby informed the Federation that berejiklian`s government was no longer fulfilling its commitment with regard to the TAFE Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement (Correspondence). This decision would have been related to the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since TAFE teachers and associates last received a salary increase at the end of November 2018, the association worked to conclude negotiations as soon as possible after the expiry date of the CURRENT EA, February 3, 2020. This would have allowed TAFE teachers and related collaborators to complete a voting phase requested by Fair Work and obtain their first salary increase in the first quarter of 2020.

Those who have been employed by TAFE for some time may remember the teacher temporary agreement before moving on to the federal industrial system of fair labor.

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