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The service operates 24 hours a day in the OpenAIRE infrastructure facility, which is provided in the data centres of the Centre for Mathematical and Computational Interdisciplinary Modelling (ICM). Newly-coordinated Scholix metadata series can be freely reused by commercial and non-commercial partners under CC-BY license, provided that OpenAIRE ScholeXplorer is recognized as a content provider. The Copyright Act (404/1961) requires that the author of a work in accordance with the law faithfully refer to the practice when a copy of a work is produced or when the work is made public in whole or in part. However, the definition of copyright law is remarkably open and the good practices mentioned in the legislation can be expected to be implemented. On the other hand, the question of authorship is not limited to copyright, since copyright protects only the form of a work in the first place. Because of this emphasis, meaningful participation in research planning or data analysis, for example, does not necessarily require, from a legislative point of view, a reference to the researcher as an author, unless he or she has been sufficiently involved in the development of the article. In practice, it is necessary to complement the legislative perspective with criteria of good scientific practice that support broader transparency. Copyrighted material may, in certain circumstances, be collected as part of the collection of research data on research topics. For example, there could be a research centre where researchers could receive video cameras to record their daily lives.

In these situations, researchers have the copyright to the video they record. When subjects are invited to write, written works can be created as a poem and protected as works. Second, the need for agreement is greater when there is more room for interpretation (or several alternatives are possible) in existing ethical and legislative standards. Third, an agreement on the organization of the project or a research cooperation agreement may have already been drawn up. In such cases, an endorsement may be reached when previous agreements or plans are not sufficient. If a copyright holder dies before reaching an agreement on the transfer of copyright, Finnish legislation on the marital property rights of property, inheritance and will is respected. Often, the need for a separate agreement is all the greater as the research project is extensive. In these cases, there may be more conflicting opinions, rights and interests regarding the research project, and it is easier to coordinate them at the beginning of the project. Even in small projects, it can be interesting to agree on relationships between researchers in order to avoid conflict. A special case with respect to copyrighted works occurs when a work is made by several people. All authors have copyright in these jointly created works, but the contributions of authors cannot be distinguished from each other. In such cases, the transfer of copyright requires each author to authorize such a transfer.

An example could be a literary work in which two authors participated in the writing. A work made public can be cited to the extent necessary for this purpose, depending on its correct use. As such, it is possible for researchers to cite work created by a research subject («the right to quote»). A work created by a research object can be considered public as soon as the subject has voluntarily given it to the researcher. In addition to written works, the right to quote also applies to musical works and photographs. This copyright restriction is very important for scientific publications.

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